Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Best Glosses. Ever.

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Shades above left to right are: Origami (a light, sheer, girly pink), Truth (a shimmer-free warm peachy blush), Ignite (a warm pink beige nude with a heavy gold fleck), and Lush (the prettiest golden-shimmered pinky coral that rocks in the summer and will brighten any winter-worn face).

When I was a young teenager, the only thing I wore on my lips was a super thick coat of the ill-fate, gone-too-soon Revlon Streetwear line of gloss in a patent-leather clear. I still remember a boy coming up to me, almost in a daze, transfixed by the mirror-like glaze and saying "Your lips are so...shiny. That's amazing. How do you do that?"

After the Streetwear could no longer be found, I gave up on gloss. Everything was too thick and sticky, too thin and gloppy, too fruity and juvenile or too waxy and uncomfortable to wear. The combination of long hair and very full, shellacked lips also created some unpleasant situations and I just resigned myself to a lipstick-only future. That was before I met Hourglass Extreme Sheen Glosses.

These glosses have an amazing texture that's light on the lips yet doesn't evaporate after a few minutes. The shades are sheer yet provide a good dose of pigment, the shimmer is sophisticated and not ostentatious, and they have a lovely just-baked-dessert scent. The glosses are also paraben-free which I really appreciate. Before you fall in love with them, keep in mind that these new friends won't come cheap--they'll set you back a whopping $28 a piece, and you really can't have just one! The color selection is also a bit limited and many shades seem similar, but I've managed to collect 4 so far and have my eye on a few more!

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